Glenn R. Williams, D.C., L.Ac.

Chiropractor & Acupuncturist- Los Angeles
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Chiropractor Los Angeles, CA

We are a family practice specializing in an integrated and gentle AcuBalance approach which utilizes both chiropractic and acupuncture modalities and philosophies to treat a variety of conditions. AcuBalance is a holistic, patient-centered, hands-on approach to healing. We believe in early intervention and the importance of treating the underlying cause of the condition rather than simply relieving any associated symptoms. Proper structural alignment can restore healthy functioning of the nervous system which is central to regulating body processes and structural integrity. The body's own healing energy is nurtured, balanced, and directed for natural healing. Since we also recognize the importance of lifestyle and environment on health, we offer counseling in nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Treatments are safe, gentle, and drug-free.

Some of the common conditions that respond very well to AcuBalance treatments include headaches, low back and neck pain, stress, fatigue and other general health disorders. We provide excellent relief to sufferers of sciatica and other peripheral nerve disorders emanating from spinal conditions. Additionally, we work with helping people restore their vibrant health. Once optimal health is achieved, maintaining wellness becomes our goal. With this in mind, we provide information about improving your diet, losing weight, enhancing your nutritional foundation, and increasing the overall quality of your health which, in turn, impacts the quality of your life.

Since we all want to look as young as we feel inside, we also offer a unique, multi-faceted anti-aging program that not only reduces or eliminates the signs of aging on the face and body, but can actually even slow the aging process and reduce your chances of degenerative diseases. The program has separate components, so you may opt for all of it or only part of it. We are committed to helping you feel great, look great, and live better--longer.